Condom And Its Types

A condom is the favorite and preferred type of birth control with no side effects. It’s a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis or inserted into a vagina before sexual intercourse. It acts as a physical barrier to stop the sperm from fertilizing an egg. In addition to providing a secure ways to prevent pregnancy, it’s also effective for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s designed both for men and women. The femidom or female condom consists of a plastic sheath attached to a flexible ring at each end with an opening at one end. The male version is made in a flexible fitted tube. Male condoms are popularly employed. Additionally, there are more options to pick from in regards to guys. A lambskin is an early form of condom. It’s produced out of the guts of a lamb. Its use can be dated back to early Egyptians. The lambskin version’s downside is that, similar to human skin, the lambskin has tiny openings. As such, it does not offer effective protection. However, men who are allergic to latex or plastic rubber can opt for this version.

Then there are natural or lambskin versions of 콘돔추천. It is made out of lamb intestines. The lambskin is proven to exist as long as the ancient Egyptians. They can be used to avoid pregnancy but like the human skin, the lambskin variant has tiny openings. As such, it is not an effective method to protect from sexually transmitted diseases. But, men who have an allergic reaction to latex rubber or plastic can choose the lambskin version supplied with an additional contraceptive form.


There’s also condom recommendation which include lubricants. It is a thin coating of liquid utilized on the condom. The lubricant prevents annoyance or pain during sexual intercourse. Additionally, it gives extra security from keeping it from breaking. Spermicide-coated condoms will also be offered. Such a version employs a compound called nonoxynol-9 that’s coated on the condoms to kill the sperm. Textured condoms are available in ribbed and studded forms. It is designed to raise the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

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